LC Receivables

LC Receivables works in conjunction with and under the control of LC Business Rescue and Recovery Services.This brings a number of benefits:

  • Specialist experience in credit control, debt collection, distressed ledger collection and litigation
  • Sufficient resource to maintain an effective collection momentum
  • Experience of collections across all facets of industry and commerce
  • Director level supervision and involvement
  • In-house solicitors to assist the funder manage potential areas of risk
  • Key account management, estimated outcome and detailed reporting capacity
  • Limited impact on funder resource

We manage and secure the interests of all parties concerned, helping to drive the eventual outcome to a level that maximises returns.

LC Receivables' partner has been in operation for many years and has great expertise and experience in the management of distressed ledgers. Our team is highly skilled in insolvency, legal and collections' environments.These skills mean LC Receivables will be one of the few collection operations that understand not only how to collect a debt in the distressed position that follows insolvency, but also how to manage an entire ledger to ensure any risks that may dissipate the asset value are mitigated quickly.

Our comprehensive service offer also means once instructed, we are able to handle the majority of issues in-house. For instance, disputed accounts can be resolved by our experienced negotiators, and where necessary the matter can be escalated to our litigation department.

We are also positioned to be able to support clients through the credit decision making process or aid them to react quickly should we identify the signs of business failure.

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