Corporate Strategies

At Corporate Strategies we have particular expertise in restructuring VAT and/or PAYE/NI arrears and understand that many UK companies have difficulties with HM Revenue and Customs.

Agreements to repay these arrears over a sensible timescale, ensuring the survival of your business, can be negotiated - we have successfully carried out such negotiations with over 400 companies. We have a proven track record for integrity in this highly specialised area having acted as a coordinator for the DTI-backed pilot Company Rescue Scheme. The proposals we put forward to the crown are considered entirely on their individual merits, and businesses can be assured of absolute discretion throughout the whole process. For more information on the process, please visit our dedicated website at

Business Improvement

Our business turnaround experts at LC Corporate Strategies provide restructuring and refinancing services to both growing and underperforming businesses.

All businesses encounter health problems. These may be short term and through no fault of yours, they may result from under investment or ambitious expansion. These ailments aren't always critical. They might be just a blip. But leaving them unchecked is a risky business. The sooner you speak to us, the more we can do to improve your situation. We fully recognise that business difficulties arise from a broad range of factors which are sometimes outside of your control.

Is your business suffering as a result of any of these types of issues?

  • Loss of a significant customer
  • Failure of a key supplier
  • Sudden departures of key staff
  • Underinvestment in the business
  • Production delays or inefficiencies
  • Loss of confidence from a Bank
  • Bad debts

Using a combination of practical techniques we return under achieving businesses to peak performance with minimum fuss and maximum returns. Major innovations include the DTI-backed 'Company Rescue Project'. Our Crown arrears restructuring approach has provided a lifeline to many companies with short-term problems but long term viability. We have a reputation for independence and integrity and we will help you find the best solution to your current difficulties.

Interim Management

The role of the interim manager is important in the corporate world and particularly through the expansion of turnaround management. Increasingly companies face the challenge of ensuring sufficiently experienced senior management are in place whilst balancing the demands of a cost-conscious business climate.

Engaging experienced senior executives on short term contracts, typically between 3-9 months with key skills provides a focused approach to strengthening areas of weakness in a management team. Turnaround management, an important feature of business in the US is achieving increasing prominence here in the UK.

The last decade has seen a change in approach amongst banks and other financial institutions to handling businesses experiencing difficulties driven by a positive desire to cut client attrition rates and improve customer performance. Their in-house business support functions have become increasingly sophisticated in their approach with external advisors being only used where they are able to add genuine value. We endeavour to offer a one-stop solution for a company's turnaround needs.

We have a broad base of existing interim managers with varied skills and sector experience who work closely with us on chosen assignments. We find at times that some managers are prepared to back their professional experience by investing at an early stage in a business which although underperforming, has the potential to succeed. We appreciate the dynamic world in which interim managers operate and welcome the opportunity to meet new executives.

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