Insolvency Avoidance & Business Improvement

We have particular expertise in restructuring all HMRC liabilities and understand that many UK companies have difficulties in this area.

Agreements to repay these arrears over a sensible timescale, ensuring the survival of your business, can be negotiated – using a combination of practical techniques, we return under achieving businesses to peak performance with minimum fuss and maximum returns. Our approach has provided a lifeline to many companies with short-term problems but long term viability. We have a reputation for independence and integrity and we will help you find the best solution to your current difficulties, with a high success rate of over 90%.

Business Improvement

Our business turnaround experts provide straightforward advice to both growing and underperforming businesses.

All businesses encounter health problems. These may be short term and through no fault of the directors, they may result from under investment or over ambitious expansion. These ailments aren’t always critical. They might be just a blip. But leaving them unchecked is a risky business. The sooner you speak to us, the more we can do to improve your situation. We fully recognise that business difficulties arise from a broad range of factors which are sometimes outside of the directors/business owners control.

Asset Protection

As part of our complete rescue and recovery solution, a comprehensive asset protection service can be mobilised immediately to effectively manage and secure company assets. Read more.

LC Receivables

Our team is highly skilled in insolvency, legal and collections’ environments.  These skills mean LC Receivables will be one of the few collection operations that understand not only how to collect a debt in a distressed position and also how to manage an entire ledger to ensure any risks that may dissipate the asset value are mitigated quickly. Read more.


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