Equity Finance for SMEs

Innovative businesses often need funding to achieve fast growth.

We can solve this with investment through our equity specialist, Reach Equity Solutions, providing access to potential investors that otherwise would be hard to find.

We assist businesses requiring between £50,000 and £1 million for growth purposes or those seeking assistance with a stressed or distressed trading issue using a four step approach:

  • An initial meeting to gain an in-depth understanding of the proposition
  • The creation of a confidential information pack
  • Pinpointing an appropriate funder by matching their investment criteria with business requirements
  • Monitoring progress and providing feedback while continuously reassessing the position based upon an investor’s comments

LC Receivables

Our team is highly skilled in insolvency, legal and collections’ environments.  These skills mean LC Receivables will be one of the few collection operations that understand not only how to collect a debt in a distressed position and also how to manage an entire ledger to ensure any risks that may dissipate the asset value are mitigated quickly. Read more.

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