There are lots of options available to businesses to help weather the storm

Restructuring and Insolvency

Siann Huntley talks to as a licensed insolvency practitioner and director at Leonard Curtis, based within the South West and South Wales region.

She has been working in the insolvency industry for two decades, over seven years of which being with Leonard Curtis.

I enjoy problem solving and my job involves being presented with a series of different scenarios, with sometimes familiar and sometimes unusual or unique difficulties, to be addressed.  But the most rewarding part of what I do is when I see the worries, stresses and pressures begin to evaporate from the individuals that Im working with when we work on solutions to those problems; to offer them a sense of control back, a plan and a clear route out of what can typically be a difficult situation.

In terms of opportunity for the business in the next year, we have a great basis to be able to grow our business in the coming twelve months, to expand our reach and support more intermediaries and clients.  Within our South West and Wales region, we have a very well established Bristol office and a growing presence in South Wales. We opened an office in Taunton around a year ago to further develop our reach into Somerset and surrounding areas.  We intend to continue to expand our network in and around these areas, which I believe comes at a time where there is a growing need for our services and our unique approach to supporting businesses.

The issues facing many businesses, spanning the sectors, are numerous at present. Post-pandemic recovery has been extremely difficult and sadly even impossible for some businesses.  Many continue to attempt to restore depressed revenue or adapt or diversify their businesses, in an economic climate which continues to be unforgiving when we consider events which have followed which have disturbed supply chains, labour markets, energy and operating costs, inflation, the list goes on. Understandably many are uncertain about the future and general confidence has taken a tumble, both professionally and personally. Whilst this may sound like a somewhat gloomy outlook, there are lots of options available to businesses to help weather the storm or restore the balance and with this I would encourage business owners not to feel alone and to reach out for support and professional advice and assistance at the earliest opportunity.

I believe that the UK insolvency framework is recognised for its quality although there is continually a need for it to adapt to our ever changing environment. Our profession is therefore subject to review and ongoing legislative and regulatory change; it was interesting to see some both permanent and temporary measures and changes accelerated at pace during the period of the pandemic.  

On the whole I believe the changes in recent years have been positive and steps to improve transparency within the industry and the perception of the sector are very welcome. Arguably, other changes which restrict practical options for businesses are less welcome.

My personal approach to life and business is an ethical, honest and empathic one. We help people every day who are struggling with extremely difficult financial circumstances and the pressure that comes with the responsibility of running a business and having other persons livelihoods in hand should not be underestimated. In my view, this deserves empathy and understanding teamed with clear information and unambiguous advice.

As a company, Leonard Curtis have a set of company values which are underpinned by kindness and fairness which resonate with my own and those of the wider team.

A key component that I have learned should never be ignored or underestimated is good communication. Whether ites taking the time to ensure that you are making yourself clear and understood, acknowledging others points, or just keeping people up to date, whatever the situation, good communication can avoid doubt, room for error and can be very reassuring.  

Ive been very lucky to have worked with a number of people who have shaped and influenced my career. Ites overwhelming how generous so many are with their time and expertise and ites been a pleasure to observe contrasting styles and approaches to situations and to squirrel away little nuggets of genius when they arise. This, together with the huge amount of support I have received in my years at Leonard Curtis, have allowed me to shape my craft and no doubt this will continue to develop for years to come.

Away from work, I can typically be found exploring the great outdoors (and usually covered in mud) with my beloved dogs. They never fail to put a smile on my face after a hard day at work.


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