2024 trends in UK commercial real estate - what should investors and landlords be focusing on this year?


The commercial real estate landscape in the United Kingdom is ever-evolving, shaped by economic shifts, technological advancements, and changing societal preferences. As we step into 2024, Alicia Renshaw, Senior Associate in Leonard Curtis Legal’s real estate team explores the prevailing trends that are reshaping the commercial real estate market.

Flexible workspaces and hybrid models

The adoption of flexible work arrangements continues to influence the commercial real estate sector. Companies are increasingly embracing hybrid models that incorporate both remote work and office-based collaboration. This shift has fuelled demand for flexible workspaces, co-working solutions, and adaptable office layouts, therefore there is likely to be demand for quality buildings and offices in prime locations.

Sustainability takes centre stage

Sustainability is no longer a mere buzzword but a driving force in commercial real estate. In 2024, the transition towards net zero is likely to gain momentum with tenants and investors placing greater importance on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient properties. Developers and landlords are responding by integrating green building practices, from energy-efficient lighting to eco-friendly construction materials, as well as introducing other sustainability features in order to attract tenants.

A prime example of this is Eden in Manchester which is a new 12 storey office specifically designed to meet sustainability and net zero carbon targets.

Rise of e-commerce and logistics

The surge in e-commerce has continued to spur demand for logistics and distribution centres. Logistics facilities, strategically located near urban centres, are in high demand to facilitate quick and efficient delivery. Investors are keen on opportunities in the logistics and industrial real estate sector to capitalise on the growing online retail market and discount retailer businesses.

Adaptive reuse and repurposing

Adaptive reuse is gaining momentum as a sustainable and cost-effective strategy. Developers are repurposing existing commercial properties for mixed-use developments, transforming old warehouses into vibrant office spaces or retail hubs. This trend reflects a commitment to maximising the utility of existing structures and minimising environmental impact.

Wellness office spaces

The focus on employee well-being is now influencing office design. Commercial spaces are incorporating wellness and social features such as green spaces, natural light, fitness facilities and communal hubs and break out spaces. Companies recognise that a healthy and comfortable work environment contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity.

Diversification in retail spaces

The retail sector is witnessing a shift and it is likely that retailers will be cautious in 2024 and we may see vacancy rates continue to rise for high street retail units. Some retailers are diversifying their offerings, incorporating entertainment, dining, and unique experiences to attract consumers therefore some of the larger retail spaces, i.e. retail parks, are becoming more attractive to retailers. The emphasis is on creating destinations rather than traditional shopping outlets.


As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of commercial real estate in the UK in 2024, these trends underscore the industry's adaptability and responsiveness to emerging challenges and opportunities. Stakeholders who embrace these shifts and stay attuned to the evolving needs of tenants and consumers will be well-positioned to thrive in the dynamic and innovative world of commercial real estate.

Real Estate Team

Leonard Curtis Legal's Real Estate experts bring a comprehensive understanding of commercial property matters. We are here to support businesses in every property decision, whether it be purchasing a property or navigating the complexities of a lease agreement. Please contact our head of Real Estate Alicia Renshaw if you have any questions or require assistance.


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