Leonard Curtis supports the return of the UK’s light art biennial, Lumiere

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Proudly made in Durham, Lumiere is set to return for four nights from 16 – 19 November 2023. Produced by leading UK arts producers Artichoke, and commissioned by Durham County Council, with additional support from Arts Council England, Durham University and a host of further funders and supporters, the free-to-attend event will feature a thought-provoking and entertaining new programme of spectacular light artworks by UK and internationally-renowned artists who have something to say about our world.

Since 2009, Lumiere in Durham has attracted more than one million visitors and stands as a landmark event in the cultural calendar of the North East. For its 8th edition in 2023, the programme will continue to bring magic, joy and light to the local community, brightening the dark winter nights of November and boosting the local economy.

Beyond the lights, over 12,000 local people and schoolchildren have benefitted from involvement in Lumiere’s learning and participation programmes and volunteering opportunities, developing their skills and having a great time in the process.

Leonard Curtis’ Business Development Manager for the North East Sarah Gray commented:

"Lumiere is a cultural gem of an event and here in Durham we are extremely lucky to host it. In a previous life I worked in retail in the city and so I know that it’s the people that give Durham its heart.

"Lumiere provides opportunities for all of the community across County Durham and beyond. Having our name attached to such a great event is really exciting for the Leonard Curtis team, and a great opportunity to share our story of how we light the way through difficult positions faced by businesses in the region."

Helen Marriage, Artistic Director of Artichoke said:

“Artichoke is proud to bring Lumiere back to Durham once again, an event that is made with and for its community. The event is free for everyone to enjoy, the result of amazing partnerships forged over the years with Durham County Council, Arts Council England and Durham’s local institutions and businesses who all invest in the event to bring wider benefits to the community. In these challenging times, it is all the more important that families have events to look forward to without having to worry about what it will cost to attend.”

Artichoke is signed up to Vision: 2025, a network of over 500 outdoor events and businesses taking climate action towards net zero. In 2023, Lumiere will engage industry experts, A Greener Future, to undertake a carbon impact assessment of the event and is committed to working collaboratively with Durham County Council and the local community to deliver a sustainable and environmentally-conscious event.

Lumiere Durham is a central pillar of The Culture County, the long-term creative regeneration strategy born out of the Durham 2025 UK City of Culture campaign.


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