Getting to know Nicky Brooks


Associate Director, Nicky Brooks, is based in our Manchester office and heads up the business development team consisting of 11 Business Development Managers across the country.

This year, Nicky celebrated 10 years at Leonard Curtis, so we get to know more about her and her LC career.

What has your journey at LC looked like between joining and now?

I started in 2010 as a novice business development manager. I had no experience and my previous jobs involved working in banks and ABLs but more on the operational side of things. After joining, my role evolved as the team grew, allowing me to take on more responsibility and about 5 years ago I started to manage the team, before becoming an associate director last year. I do feel very fortunate that the directors gave me an opportunity within LC and ites because of that chance that I really threw myself into it! I am sure some people think that I am naturally very confident and outgoing but I am actually quite a shy person, so I feel the role has really helped to push me outside of my comfort zone.

What is it about the LC family that has encouraged you/made you want to stay for the last decade?

I love that they are invested in everyone and are prepared to give people chance to really progress within their career. I feel I have been able to make the role my own and have been given the freedom and support to do that.

How you would say LC is different to other firms? 

I had never worked for an owner managed business before and it genuinely feels like being part of a family here.  I feel like Im a part of something, whereas in the large corporate companies I didnt get that.  Everyone is so approachable and there is no distinct hierarchy or egos  ‚Äì were all in it together and everyone is willing to help each other out.

Whates the best thing you like about working here?

100% the people.  We have such a wide variety of people with a huge range of talents. To be a successful BDM you have to have good people behind you and the team at LC make my job easy.  If Im telling clients that we are different to our competitors I have to be confident that the people on those teams will back that up and they do.  A lot of the accountants and people I meet say to me we meet you Nicky and your so welcoming and enthusiastic about what you do, and then we meet more of the LC team and we realise everyone is just like that. Ites amazing.

What do you find the most interesting part of your role?

The variety is definitely what I enjoy no two days are the same. Most people would expect me to say the lunches and the events etc., but ites actually being able to meet such a variety of people day to day. Ites interesting speaking to people all the time some may expect accountants to be slightly boring through the nature of their jobs but they are really not! I love watching people grow within LC too and helping my team develop and succeed in their roles.

How would you describe the culture at LC?

Fast paced, rewarding and challenging. There is so much help and support available and everyone is it in together it really is a team effort.

What advice can you give to those looking to progress here either to a similar role as yourself or within their own division?

Definitely dont be afraid to go for what you want. If you work hard there are lots of opportunities to progress. If youre struggling, ask for help, ask questions and look for support, ites always there. The great thing about working here is that you can move in whatever direction you choose and you are fully supported to do that.

Get in touch with Nicky on 0161 831 9999 or


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